Adjusting Your Posture Through Divorce

When you are going through divorce, you can reduce stress by being nice to your body. Simply adjusting your posture can help relieve stress and improve sleep. The following was written by renown posture expert Esther Gokhale.

Aligning the bones in your body in their natural positions facilitates the nervous, immune and circulatory systems in performing their natural stress regulating functions. The body has masterful strategies for giving us extra energy and dealing with stressful demands, but bad posture can sometimes physically block or hinder these strategies.

These two women are examples of unhealthy and healthy posture. The woman on the left slouches her neck forward, tucks her pelvis so that her bottom no longer supports her spine, and compresses her L5-S1 disc by not having her bottom back. The woman on the right exhibits ideal posture; her neck is almost a straight continuation of her spine, her bottom is seated well back to support healthy spine stacking, and her shoulders are relaxed and back.

Your posture can help reduce your stress by making your favorite stress reducing activities easier and less painful. Yoga, gardening, walking and dancing can all be great outlets, and the Gokhale Method will help keep you in top form for these.

President Obama showing neck strain in times of political strain

Here is a simple suggestion for our president, one that could benefit both him and the nation: Train your neck to remain elongated, especially in times of stress. This will not only protect your neck, but could even help counter some emotional tension in your life.

Babies all around the world are born with excellent posture. It is only through the culture around them that they learn to slump their back or hunch their shoulders. This baby is an example of healthy neck alignment; notice the straightness of her spine that continues into her neck.

You can learn more about healthy posture by visiting or reading 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back by Esther Gokhale. The Gokhale Method has helped thousands of people get free of pain through a systematic process of restoring pain-free posture and movement. Classes are available worldwide.

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