A Divorce Book for Your Kids

“Where Am I Sleeping Tonight?” by Carol Gordon Ekster is a children’s book about two brothers, a 4th grader and 1st grader, being raised by divorced parents. It chronicles Mark and Evan’s daily life, having two separate homes (their mom’s and dad’s), and the common experiences children with divorced parents experience, both the challenges and the benefits. Both parents and children may benefit from reading “Where Am I Sleeping Tonight?”, especially the parents, who sometimes forget the challenges of just being a kid.

From the back cover: “Ever wake up and not know where you are? Not sure if your homework is due today or tomorrow? Can’t remember if you have hockey practice tonight? Forgot your homework at your Mom’s and now you’re at your Dad’s and can’t get it done? Welcome to the world of Mark and Evan…ever since their parents’ divorce their lives and schedules have been scrambled leaving them feeling confused, frustrated, and even a little angry with their parents for getting a divorce. But with time, effort, and the assistance of Mark’s parents and teacher, Mark gets a little more organized, and most importantly, starts to come to terms with his parents’ divorce.”

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