Meta-Noia by Betsy Chasse

Hollywood filmmaker and Divorce Detox™ alum, Betsy Chasse recently came out with the book Meta-Noia – A transformational Change of Heart.

Here’s more about it from Betsy: “One of the first suggestions made while attending the Divorce Detox group session was “write a journal”. So I did. It was an amazing release, something I hadn’t done in years. My life was taking such a dramatic turn- still is in many ways- I decided to publish my essays in a little book called Meta-Noia – A transformational Change of Heart.”

You can purchase the book for your ereader or Kindle for $4.99 at

Metanoia: a transformational change of heart is, above all, a book about getting real. The nineteen short essays poetically and ruthlessly reveal a woman in the aftermath of public and domestic success; a woman in the process of being humbled by life; a woman who yearns for vulnerability and authenticity even as she rails against the need for facing the limiting self-concepts she holds inside that keep her from embracing—and loving—her true self.

An “every woman” journey that every woman who has lived and loved and lost it all … and then yearned for something greater and deeper to blossom within her can relate to.

Delicate, surprising, potent and raw, each essay is accompanied by relevant quotes from sources as diverse as Victor Hugo, Rumi and Lucille Ball.

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