5 Common Divorce Mistakes

Divorce presents the opportunity to save yourself and become your own hero.

  1. Trying to Be Friends. You need to spend time on yourself, not redefining your relationship. Set boundaries and stick with them.
  2. Going It Alone. You use a professional to fix your car; you should use one for your health as well. Get professional help during your divorce. Lawyers for the business side, Mental Health Professionals for the rest.
  3. Making Hasty Decisions. Will it affect you for longer than six months? Does is affect more than you? Spend a few days thinking it over.
  4. Bottling Emotions. Spend some time feeling your emotions. Work out that anger. Cry through the hurt. A healthy purging is good for the body and the mind.
  5. Using Divorce as an Excuse. Is divorce everything you think and talk about? Try listing five things you are grateful for. Focus on these five things throughout the day whenever you catch yourself dwelling on your divorce.

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