10 Tips to Get Over A Breakup



Ten Tips to Get Over a Breakup

1: Emote and feel your feelings. Process them so you do not become your feelings.  

2: Honor that your broken heart is traumatized and needs attention.

3: Admit you are not perfect (no one is) and take personal responsibility for your part in the relationship.

4: Take great care of yourself, as you would a best friend.

5: Learn from the past and take inventory of the new relationship skills you need to master for the future.

6: Detox your life so there are no reminders of your ex (including social media).

7: Surround yourself with supportive people.

8: Don’t be afraid to occasionally distract yourself with healthy diversions.

9: Be kind to yourself if you slip up and contact your ex.

10: Getting a change of scenery by going out of town can help you gain perspective. 

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