Ten Tips for Breakup Success

Change is one of life's greatest gifts. - Allison Pescosolido M.A.

“Change is one of life’s greatest gifts.” – Allison Pescosolido M.A.

Ten Tips for Breakup Success

1. Set Boundaries. Make a set of rules or behaviors for yourself. This will help you separate with integrity.

2. Break the Isolation. Get out into the world and start doing things on your own. You’ll feel better for it.

3. Take Time for Your Emotions. Give yourself a safe space to cry and grieve. Allow your emotions, a natural reaction from within your body, to surface and be felt.

4. Break through Procrastination. Start doing all those things you want to do. Be proactive in your change.

5. Exercise. Take care of your body by exercising, eating well and sleeping fully. These habits will make you feel and look good.

6. Get Professional Help. Get an advocate for your health and your finances. Use a lawyer for divorce matters and a coach for your mental needs. Be sure to tell your story to these people. It’s confidential and helpful.

7. Educate Yourself. Learn about divorce and how people feel and change during divorce. Understanding what is ahead of you will make it easier to face.

8. Define Your Transition. Define your breakup or divorce. Set a tone you want your breakup to convey and model your behavior on that tone. Own your part in the relationship and the breakup.

9. Rediscover Passion. Try some new things or explore your interests. Develop a new hobby. These will make you more interesting and will bring you happiness.

10. Date. Go out with new people. Join an online dating site. Have fun and start conversations. Dating is your chance to redefine the relationship you want.

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